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Maybe you are looking for businesses already in operation or land that generates profit. 

For corporations that want to invest in a for example a Hotel or commercial land areas for agriculture we put together a team within our network for finding options, thinking outside the box regarding areas, price negotiations recommendations for you, putting forward what makes sense long term regarding different locations. 

Again the price variety from area to area within greater Marbella, Costa Del sol and even Andalucia is enormous.

This tourist-sector has taken a huge hit from Covid and there are a lot for sale or lease. Right now in the hopefully post-covid era even more so. Tourism is big here, but business owners suffered an enormous hit from Covid, many are selling to people who want in on the action at a lowered price to take over for the future expected tourism. 

Still this is generally considered a sound investment and if you plan working a small business in the tourist industry there are always people going in and out of establishments and selling. Even more so now naturally. Which represents opportunities regarding Cafes, bars, B&Bs, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and so forth.

If you want to run a small business here under the sun we can direct you to various contacts or start working finding a bargain or deal that makes sense.

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